Planning & Permitting Office

The Office of Planning and Permitting is administered under the Department of Operations and works hand in hand with the Parish Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to provide adequate information on drainage, public utilities, development requirements and property elevations.


In order to plan and provide for the safety and well being of citizens, the Parish receives and monitors vital development data to identify and insure compliance with Parish ordinances through requiring the issuance of construction permits.

Permit Requirements

  • A permit must be obtained prior to the construction of a new home, the movement of a new mobile home within the parish, or the construction of a new building. View the Residential Process (PDF).
  • A permit must also be obtained prior to the construction/renovation of a facility for a commercial permit. The applicant must obtain a set of construction drawings, State Fire Marshall approval, and fill out all necessary applications. View the Subdivision Process (PDF).


For information concerning permit fees, call the Planning/Permitting Office at 225-562-2500. 

Note: All fees must be paid at the time the plans are submitted.

Permit Applications / Documents

Permits applications can either be downloaded, picked up at the Planning/Permitting Office or Courthouse Annex during the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Mondays through Thursdays or 7:30 to 11:00 a.m. on Fridays. 

Online Permitting

We now offer online permitting.  Please visit MyGovernmentOnline to apply for permits online.  


Fill out the St. James Parish Occupational License Application (PDF). If you have any questions regarding the occupation license, please contact the Parish President’s Office at 225-562-2480.

Additional Services

Additionally, the office of Planning and Permitting is the focal point for providing a multitude of services to the public. They include:

  • Coastal Zone Management
  • Floodplain Management
  • Protecting public property
  • Interfacing with the Planning Commission
  • Working with the Operations Department
  • Interfacing with the Assessor's Office
  • Keeping the permitting process simple and open