Volunteer Fire Departments

Public Safety & Fire Protection Funds

All Parish Fire Departments are volunteer based and staffed by members of the community who dedicate their time to protect and serve the citizens of St. James Parish. 

The Public Safety and Fire Protection Funds were established to aid the Parish's four volunteer fire departments and to pay a portion of the expense to provide emergency medical services to the Parish. The funds receive their revenues from a dedicated property tax millage. The fire departments use their portion of the property tax to maintain their buildings and vehicles and to purchase supplies and equipment.

Additionally, this fund provides monies to the Parish for assistance to residents during emergencies and natural disasters with cleanup operations and repairs to public infrastructure. Major capital expenditures and programs are reviewed and funded by the Volunteer Firemen's Association of St. James, Inc., which has representation from each of the four fire departments. 

Fire Departments

  • North Vacherie Fire Department
  • South Vacherie Fire Department
  • St. James Fire Department
  • Union-Convent Fire Department


To report emergencies or request assistance, call 911 or the Parish at 225-562-2364.

HazMat FD