Roads & Bridges Division


Roads and Bridges is the largest division within the Department of Operations and has a regular staff of 20 full-time employees. The annual budget is usually around $2.4 million and includes money for road construction costs, street maintenance, and heavy equipment. With the responsibility of over 350 public streets and 80 miles of hard surfaced roadways to maintain, an organized and well-supported workforce has been developed. 

Additionally, the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development contracts with the Parish for the continuation of grass cutting and general cleanup along 71 miles of state highways. This task is made possible by a fleet of 13 mowing tractors of which 10 are fully air-conditioned. 

Maintenance & Equipment

The Roads and Bridges division conducts general maintenance of all public, Parish-owned streets, sidewalks, signs, and rights-of-way. The division supports a well maintained fleet of over 17 vehicles and a heavy equipment arsenal of 35 pieces of machinery that includes:

  • 6 Dump trucks
  • 3 Dozers
  • 5 Rubber tire backhoes
  • 1 Grader
  • 3 Small excavators
  • 2 Low-boy tractor trailers
  • Host of small equipment and tools

Roads & Bridges Shops

The maintenance and repairs of the equipment are conducted mainly in-house with the support of highly trained vehicle and equipment maintenance mechanics. Each side of the river has its own staging area and maintenance shop, which are under the day-to-day supervision of Keith Duperclay, East Bank Foreman, and Terrence Jasmin, West Bank Foreman.