Flood Warnings & Shelters

Flood Warning System

These warnings are announced, as issued by the National Weather Service, on local cable television and radio stations and/or the telephone call-down system. For more information, call the Parish at 225-562-2500 or 225-562-2364.

Flood control consolidation


St. James Parish Emergency Preparedness will provide sheltering to residents in need during an emergency. Shelter locations may vary depending on the situation and will be announced before the emergency.

Flood Mapping

Residents are required to build above a 6 ft. elevation level. The map below identifies a the 6 ft. flood inundation for St. James Parish. The historic flood high water levels were up to nearly 5 ft. during the last several flood events.
Flood Water Model

FEMA Flood Zone Map 

The map below identifies FEMA designated special flood hazard areas, commonly known as flood zones. These areas represent a greater risk for flooding. 

FEMA Panels