General Assistance


The “Career Paths” program is designed to help to place low-income disadvantaged residents on a track to self-sufficiency.  The program prepares traditional and nontraditional students for life after the K12 system and serves as an alternative education program targeting low performing students and/or high school dropouts age 16 years or older. Additionally, the target population includes adjudicated youth, single parent households, and other low income, unemployed or underemployed individuals and families in St. James Parish. Courses are taught by an experienced Education Instructor, focusing on reading, writing, social studies, science, and math skills. Classes are held at the local housing authority and other sites strategically determined to reach the target populations. Education training including classroom materials, one on one tutoring, practice tests, preparation and testing for the High School Equivalency Test (HiSET formerly GED), assistance in applying for federal participant aid, and post-secondary education enrollment assistance is provided. Additionally, the program serves as a career development program providing career counseling, jobs skills training, and job placement services to individuals seeking employment with priority to active participants. Call 225-562-2338 for more information.


Commodities are distributed quarterly.  The food received for distribution donated food to needy households.  Applications must be kept on file with a completed Application/Declaratory Statement of Eligibility. 

Employee(s) are to prepare intake application; check application for completeness and income meets guidelines; update commodities master list at least quarterly. 

Clients are required to complete an application, provide current ID; proof of Income, if no income, financial contribution letter and zero income letter; and proof of residence.

  1. An applicant must be a resident of a parish which is the recipient has jurisdiction.
  2. An applicant must meet one of the following criteria:
  3. Combined gross income of all persons in applicant’s household is within the income guideline which is revised annually
  4. Applicant’s household is composed solely of SNAP benefits.
  5. Applicant receives supplement security income.

Applicant’s household receives aid to families with dependent children

Call 225-562-2420 for more information.


As the elderly population ages, many seemingly simple daily household activities and chores become significantly more difficult. This becomes a greater challenge for older individuals who are homebound or live alone.  Homemaker services are defined as non-medical assistance for older individuals who are unable to perform day to day household duties and have no one available to assist them. It is for persons 60 years of age or older who are frail, have disabilities, or who are at risk of institutional placement. Priority is given to persons who are in the greatest economic or social need. This service makes it possible for older individuals to live in their own homes or to return to their homes by providing assistance in completing tasks they are unable to manage without assistance. However this program is not designed to replace assistance provided by family and friends.

Employees must conduct thorough pre-assessments to determine eligibility, conduct bi annual client assessment(s), make referrals as needed, secure signed contract of services.

The client must provide current personal identifiable information for all household members; proof of Income, if no income, financial contribution letter and/or zero income letter; documentation of need; agree and adhere to program contract for services.

Call 225-562-2560 or 562-2447 for more information.

Toy & Coat 

The Toy & Coat program provides low-income families with children ages twelve and under with a warm coat, toy(s) and an opportunity to experience a joyous Christmas season. This program is supported by donations solicited yearly.  The applicant completes an application and return with documents such as: proof of income, driver’s license for head of household, social security cards of all household members. The application must be returned by a designated date.

A case manager will be responsible for distributing and reviewing applications for completeness, ordering toy and coats, and preparing for the distribution date. This program is supported by donations and St. James Government.

Call 225-562-2442 for more information


The VITA program assists taxpayers by preparing free tax returns. All VITA volunteers are required to complete the Volunteer Standards of Conduct Training and sign the Volunteer Standards of Conduct Agreement prior to working at a VITA site and attend training classes. VITA volunteers are trained and certified prior to preparing taxpayer’s income tax returns.

Client must provide tax preparer with all W-2’s; picture I.D., social security cards of all household members, and proof of health insurance.

 A client must complete a client interview sheet prior to the tax preparation. The complete tax return along with required documents must be submitted to another tax preparer for a quality review before creating and submission of the tax return.

Call 225-562-2442 for more information.